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Why Women Need Counseling: Featuring Shannon McCoy Counsel for Life

In the third episode of this series, we talk with Shannon McCoy, a biblical counselor and author. Shannon shares many ways women will benefit from counseling, whether they are struggling or just needing a safe place to process. She also shares some of the barriers women tend to face when they need counseling. Shannon has also written a book called, Help!I'm a Slave to Food, and she shares a bit about the book with us. Click HERE to follow Shannon McCoy.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.com
  1. Why Women Need Counseling: Featuring Shannon McCoy
  2. Why Men Need Counseling: Featuring Tim Lane
  3. Why Counselors Need Counseling: Featuring Brittney Moses
  4. Abuse in the Church: Our Response to the SBC Guidepost Report
  5. When Home Hurts: Interview with Jeremy Pierre & Greg Wilson

Published by Beth Broom

Beth is the founder and director of Christian Trauma Healing Network. She owns a private counseling practice and works specifically with survivors of trauma. She offers trauma care consulting for counselors and churches, and she co-hosts a podcast called "Counsel for Life." She has also created and led a training called "Fundamentals of Trauma Healing," a workshop designed to equip professional and lay counselors in trauma care.

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