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How we use Scripture in life and counseling Counsel for Life

Scripture is the most important source of wisdom as we move through the world. In this episode we talk about practical and personal ways we engage with Scripture, and specifically how our personal engagement leads us toward guiding and encouraging others.Note:  This episode was originally released exclusively to our Patreon subscribers during Season 2 of Counsel for Life. Any promotions or giveaways mentioned in the episode were reserved for our subscribers at the time of the original release. 
  1. How we use Scripture in life and counseling
  2. Why Revisit the Past?
  3. You're only human, Featuring Kelly Kapic
  4. Jesus and the value of emotions, Featuring Jonathan Pennington
  5. A calming resource for kids and families, Featuring Eliza Huie

Published by Beth Broom

Beth is the founder and director of Christian Trauma Healing Network. She owns a private counseling practice and works specifically with survivors of trauma. She offers trauma care consulting for counselors and churches, and she co-hosts a podcast called "Counsel for Life." She has also created and led a training called "Fundamentals of Trauma Healing," a workshop designed to equip professional and lay counselors in trauma care.

2 thoughts on “The Latest Episode

  1. Hi Eliza and Beth! I am a biblical counselor with Cedar Cove in the Twin Cities, and have been so encouraged and helped by your podcast. Thank you! Is there a way to view previous episodes? I’m not sure how to access episodes from a few months ago. There are a couple that you put out a while back that I’ve been wanting to have some counselees listen to, but I’m unable to find them (ie: the one on negative thoughts, and the one on telling your story). Thanks!


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